What dreams may come…

Yes!  Back again!  I hope I WILL be making a habit out of this, ha ha!

You know how Moms say things like, “You’ll poke your eye out!” or “Don’t run!” (which turns into “Don’t speed!” when you get your driver’s license, ha ha)?  Other times they catch you doing something they don’t like and it’s not too terrible…but they still don’t like it and they’ll say, “Well I just hope you won’t be making a habit out of this.”  A habit out of this?  What are you talking about?  I’m a kid.  I don’t even know how that works.  Can I go outside now?

Yeah…I never was a fan of micro-managing.  Maybe I’ll see it differently if or when I become a parent someday.  As I see it right now, there definitely IS a time to step in and say as my father would, “Now wait just a dad gum minute!” but c’mon we need to let kids be kids and that means ADVENTURE!!!

I was never a rebel of sorts growing up. (yes I was, a little bit) In fact, I give you permission to go ask my mother how I acted and I have no doubt she’ll tell you that I was pretty compliant and did what was asked of me MOST of the time.  I did pester my brother quite a bit but I eventually grew out of that.  I would practice all my comedy routines on him.  Some of them were slapstick.  They were hilarious!  Don’t ask him, ask my sisters.  I’m sorry, Clay!  Anyway, there was always a part of me that didn’t sit quite right with always “erring on the side of caution”.

Don’t get me wrong, I am above average in the CAUTION department.  I don’t like being late, missing a call, appointment or event or a car payment.  I try to do everything the right way.  They way they are supposed to be done.  I don’t like it when I’m wrong.  I don’t like making a mistake and I don’t like not knowing the answer to life’s problems.  If things would just run perfectly, I would be content.  Still waiting on that one, brothers and sisters.  You know, I think I actually surprise folks at how much I like things to just run smoothly…. safely….without worry or care of what COULD go wrong.  It’s been instilled in me.  No doubt about it.  Either from the way God created me or through the teaching of my parents.  Probably both.

But if we were to be cautious every day for the extent of our entire lives….ugh!  I think I would probably have to headbutt every wall in the house just to see if I could find all the studs.  THAT WOULD BE SO BORING!  I can’t do life that way.  I have to change things up here and there.

Just this morning I unintentionally woke up at 6 but got up nonetheless and decided to watch the sunrise.  As I sat outside on my driveway looking at the rays in the distant horizon slowly getting brighter at each moment’s passing, I thought about the couple of short clips my brain had just created for me a little while ago while still in an unconscious state.

In the first one I was in some foreign land inside what seemed to be a cabin with this family gathered around and they were preparing for a coming-of-age ritual for their daughter.  What caught me off guard was the way everyone was dressed.  They were wearing clothes I had never seen before.  The music was what you might expect…Chris Brown and Jay-Z, just kidding.  No, it was with live instruments also with which I was not very familiar.  Then the daughter came out dancing with several other girls which must have been her sisters or perhaps cousins and they were all so happy.  They were rejoicing with her at her new stage of life.  It was beautiful.  I was entirely comfortable in that moment IN the dream but it caught me off guard and made me feel uncomfortable AFTER the dream.  Think about that one.

The second image of the other dream I had involved me on a pirate ship.  I was gazing out into the ocean and the ship was sailing full speed.  You know how they do it in the movies where they shoot a scene of the water and the camera is traveling really fast across it and there’s always this orchestral upbeat music that’s really exciting and gets you pumped up for what’s about to happen?  It was kind of like that.  I really don’t remember much about this dream except I reached down and opened my pouch and realized I had a good amount of gold coins in it.  I knew I was getting ready to go to a marketplace when we got to the docks and buy up the town!  I was really excited to land and get going!  I had never been there.  I was alone.  With Pirates! Yet, no fear. I knew what I was doing and I was going for it.


I wish I could remember more from that last one but it seems like the dreams you want to remember the most always get away from you.  Maybe that’s God’s way of telling you not to stay held so tightly onto a dream but to go out in real life and make your dreams happen!  Dreams are great but they are always fleeting.  People dream all the time.  Every night according to some specialists but how many of those dreams do you remember?  Over your entire life, how many dreams can you remember? 5? 10?  I wonder why that is.  Do you think dreams are important?  Necessary?  They must serve some function or why would we all have them?  And so often?

Here’s what I believe:

Dreams balance our minds.  I think there has to be a balance between your responsibilities or your daily duties and the new stuff we get through invention or creativity. Maybe dreams are a way of your subconscious mind telling your conscious mind what could happen if we do this or do that.  They serve as both a warning and an encouragement to our waking lives.  We need both logic and creativity weaving in and out of our minds.  Ever notice how you see some people who seem bored all the time?  Then you have your folks whose goal in life is to have the most fun possible as often as possible.  Neither one are very happy.  They don’t have balance.  One is afraid to go after their dreams or maybe to dream at all.  The other is too focused on their dreams to magically come true without doing any work for them.  Both are NOT getting what they want.  More importantly and my point for this entire blog is that they’re not DOING what they were meant to do with the time they have on this earth.  That is sad.  Tragic.  As I said in my last blog….yet hope remains.

I think mastering that balance between going after your wildest dreams and being responsible is the key to that happiness.

Thanks for reading,