Pre-Blog: Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Doing something different for this blog… (thanks for the inspiration, Dave)

I am going to throw these questions/topics out there NOW and then later update my answers in a 2 part blog. STAY TUNED!

Part 1
Rob Bell’s definition of “sexy” in Sex God (look it up, no really it’s ok. it’s PG)
What “defines” you? (clothes, money, FB status, religion even)
What happens during an identity crisis? (shake it up baby now, twist and SHOUT)

Part 2
My identity – Why “footloose” hits home… (Kenny Loggin’s got my number, wonder if he knows me better than I know myself..maybe at one time)
Who does God say I am? (God speaks truth about His creation including YOU)

Pre-blog comments, questions, ideas are encouraged.


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