CIYOS Pt. 2 What “defines” You

Comfortable in Your Own Skin Part 2 What “defines” You

Today’s blog is all about definitions. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a big “word nerd”. I love learning new words. I love puns. I love homophones. My corny jokes stem from this passion a lot of times. I probably should have a lot larger vocabulary than I do because of this passion of mine but my lack of passion for hitting the books conflicts with this.

Are you ever faced with the moment you know you should do something knowing full well you’ll be really happy after you do it but it is still a struggle to get started? Working out is like that for me. So is reading. I love reading once I start doing it but actually sitting down and cracking open the book is hard sometimes.

We all have these positive and negative elements in us that make up who we are and they can define us if we let them. Certain things we can’t help about ourselves. Our physical features, our ethnicity, our birthplace, our families. These things play into who we are big time but what we don’t realize is that they don’t have to be the things that define us.

We’re all very complex individuals. Each one of us is unique. Each day we get to decide what we let shine through or not shine through. We can do something good or do something not so good.

You know the cliché types in high school: the Nerd, the Jock, the Rocker, the Goth, the Christian, the Bad Boy etc.

In high school, people saw you a certain way and that was what defined you. Maybe you chose to rebel against it, ignore it or maybe you embraced it. No matter what you did, it was their definition. Did you let it define YOU? Or wait here’s something: did you do the opposite to be the non-conformist?

Maybe what you feel defines you or what you see people as is career focused. Have you noticed one of the first questions we ask each other when we first meet is “What do you do for a living?” While what we choose to do as a job can be a pretty good indicator of who we are, that’s not always the case.

What’s in our hearts; what we do when no one’s looking, our character–that’s who we are. The really cool thing is there’s a chance to change that “definition” of you. You can work on that stuff. It’s not beyond your control. It’s a choice.

I am a BIG passionate, loving man. It’s the contract I’ve made. It’s who I try and be each day. That’s who I am. Who are you?



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