CIYOS Pt. 3 Identity Crisis!!!

Welcome to Part 3! Today I’m exploring the question – “What happens during an identity crisis?”

Let’s look first at the definition of an “identity crisis

identity crisis


1. a period or episode of psychological distress, often occurring in adolescence but sometimes in adulthood, when a person seeks a clearer sense of self and an acceptable role in society.
2. confusion as to goals and priorities: The company is undergoing an identity crisis.
Let’s explore the end of definition 1 for a minute – Acceptable role in society?
To me, that begs the question is your identity defined, at least in part, by your “place” in the world, where you fit within it? What do you think?  Imagine for a moment you had the whole world to yourself.  Let’s remove the notion that you would be lonely…extremely lonely.  Let’s say you didn’t have that built into your spectrum of emotions.  Let’s say you were on the planet alone…the only human.  Population: YOU.  There are still animals, plants, everything else but you have no one like you.  You are self-sufficient and you live a happy life; it’s just by yourself.  Now, say aliens came down to visit planet Earth and they met you and reported back to their home planet about you.  They could communicate with you. How would they describe you? What would they say about Adam of Earth.  (Input your name).
Ok, scenario 2: The world is just as it is now and the same thing happens.  Aliens come down and “probe” you (just in communicative terms, haha).  Does anything change?  Does their report come out any different in the two scenarios?
Think about that for a moment…
My answer: I think it’s as different as night and day.  For me at least.  Adam of Earth is a total relater.  I relate to people.  That’s WHO I AM.  My identity is tied up with those around me.  I learn things about myself whenever I interact with others.  For a large part of my life I have withdrawn myself from others.  Kept them at arm’s length and wouldn’t you know it, I really struggled with knowing myself…who I am at my core.  If you asked me 18 months ago, who is Adam? I could tell you that I was a Christian and I want to help people.  I’ve known I have had it in me to help others forever but it’s been pretty surface level.
I believe it takes the rest of the world and your interactions with it to find out who you really are DEEP DOWN.  You know the saying about raising children that “it takes a village”.  I think that’s really true.  If you are one of those who keeps everything in, who isn’t willing to be vulnerable with anyone, I challenge you to do something different as my buddy Dave would say.  Chances are you are having an identity crisis.  Well maybe not a crisis but how well do you really know yourself if you don’t have anyone to tell you any different?
Thanks for reading.

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