Blessings and expectations, faith and Croatia, SEVEN in 2012

I sit here in bed before allow myself to fall asleep just contemplating this task at hand. Is this me?

Yeah I think so.

Am I nervous, yeah.

It’s been set. Everything’s lined up. Now it’s just time to go.

In 35 hours I will be getting on a plane to fly to Croatia. What an interesting time this is. I’m 28 and unmarried. Just started a new job in marketing. Karissa and I celebrated our third month of dating a few days ago.

2012 has been a year of expectations from God. Not testing Him but having faith that he will bless me when I obey. 2012 has been a year of success after success. I don’t credit any of it to myself either. It’s all been God. All of it. I have watched him take over and just sat back and smiled. I am starting to get comfortable with giving it to God.

As soon as I get back (first week of June) I will be diving deep with some of my closest friends in a discipleship initiative called SEVEN. Previously it was called NINE. This year it has been shortened by two weeks but I believe it will leave no less of an impact on the hearts of those who commit to it. I did NINE back in 2010 and it helped me fall in love with Christ and allowed me to feel the deep love he had for me again. I think it had been a few years since I had felt that. It was amazing. I’m really looking forward to seeing how God shows up this time and what miraculous things there are to see.

Well, I just thought I’d do something different with this one and make it a little more personal. Thanks for reading!
Be back in a couple weeks with some good European stories hopefully.