Can You Catch the Butterfly?

živjeti jednostavnim životom (living a simple life)

What does this picture make you feel? My eyes are drawn to the cloth hanging in the wind, airing out to dry. Not too long, we, the humans, lived a simpler life. Things were much slower then. This was before my birth. I can only speculate what life was really like based on what little knowledge has been imparted to me by my elders.

Today in 2012 humankind looks at technology as the best thing since sliced bread. Funny how that saying is so dated in itself. As we move forward in our innovations, inventions, interventions, and conventional methods always improving, evolving, involving communities seeming smaller and smaller as communication grows larger, speed becomes relatively slower at an inversely accelerated pace. What’s the next best thing? What’s the faster, smarter, better, hotter, nicer, you-name-it product we can have?

When does it stop? When is enough enough?

Is peace and quiet no longer valued? Surely not. Is simple accepted? I hope it still is. In America, we value these aforementioned ideas yet we miss out on the lesson God says. LIVE A SIMPLE LIFE

Fast food, cut-throat pressured deadlines at work, time crunches, soccer games, doctor appointments, fit it in, squeeze a little more out, keep up the pace, don’t stop, stop, stop, but when is it time to take a breather? We as Americans pay a person to relax us whether through some therapeutic spa session, massage, acupuncture, or you name it! Can you believe where we are today? Who said we had to get on this hamster wheel? Who said we had to run this rat race? What are we generating this energy for? Do you know why you are working your 9-5? I hope it’s for more than the house, two cars, wife, 2 kids, and surround sound stereo entertainment center.

Maybe we need to hang ourselves out to dry on the clothesline for a moment and feel the wind. The calm, serene tune of nature. Could be that it’s all for naught.

I read a quote coming back from Zagreb the day this picture was taken, just a few days ago. It’s by Nathaniel Hawthorne. He says the following:

“Happiness is a butterfly which when pursued is just out of grasp…But if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”

We are most certainly closer than we think to getting what we want. Like before, let me leave you with a song, a recent favorite, by my favorite band OneRepublic. You might have heard their songs “Apologize” or “Good Life” or “Secrets” but this one is called “Passenger”….